Certifications and Continuing Education


Increase Your Profitability with Schedule C Clients
Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: 2018 Tax Planning Implications for Early Adopters
Estimating 2018 Taxes in ProConnect Tax Online: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
Critical Tax Reform Update for CPAs: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
Understanding Section 199A: The 20% Deduction for Pass-Through Entity Owners and Investors in Real Estate
Fiduciary Income Tax Returns -- Form 1041 Workshop with Filled-in Forms
Critical 1040 Reporting Issues Related to the Affordable Care Act -- Penalties and Premium Tax Credits
The Current State of Circular 230: An Update on the Federal Ethics Rules for Tax Professionals
The Best S Corporation, Limited Liability, and Partnership Update Course by Surgent
The Best Federal Tax Update Course by Surgent
The Best Individual Income Tax Update Course by Surgent
Key Issues that Practitioners Need to Know about Medicare
What to Do If Your Client Can't Pay the IRS
Tax Law Update for the California Tax Professional
Fundamentals of Public Charity Taxation and Form 990
Taking Your Medicine: Health Care Update
Navigating Your Client Through the IRS Appeals Process
Not-for-Profit Tax Changes and Considerations
Small Business Guide to the Use of Accounting Methods After Tax Reform
Ethics for Tax Professionals
Guide to Calculating S Corporation Stock Basis and Creating and Maintaining Basis Worksheets
Make It Go Away! Mitigating Tax Penalties and Abatements
Guide to Payroll Taxes and 1099 Issues
A California Tax Tutorial
K-1 Boot Camp for S Corporations and LLCs

Recently Issued U.S. GAAP - What Small and Mid-Size Nonpublic Entity CPAs Need to Know and Do Now, Not Later
Controllership Skills Update: Current Survival Skills
Fraud and Abuse in Not-for-Profit Entities and Governments: Stealing from Everyone
Ransom, Cyber-Spying, and Subterfuge: Securing Your Data and Keeping the Bad Guys Out
Cloud Clash: On the Front Lines of Cybercrime and Identity Theft
Master Accounting for Income Taxes
Preparing for New Topic 606 Construction Revenue Recognition Standards
Guide to the Business of Booze: Accounting for Restaurants & Bars

Compilations, Reviews, and New Preparations: Engagement Performance and Annual Update
The Essential Course for Performing Single Audits Under the Uniform Guidance for Federal Awards
Auditing Not-for-Profit Entities: Superior Skills for an Effective and Efficient Audit

Manage & Scale your Accounting & Tax Firm
Design Your Dream Tax Practice
Choosing the Right Business Entity Post-Tax Reform
The Keys to the Success of an Organization: Increasing Efficiency in the Organization
The Keys to the Success of an Organization: Negotiation Skills
The Keys to the Success of an Organization: Communications and the Collaborative Culture
The Keys to the Success of an Organization: Modern Ways to Motivate Employees
The Keys to the Success of an Organization: Hiring for the Collaborative Culture
The Keys to the Success of an Organization: The Key to Organizational Success
The Keys to the Success of an Organization: Planning in the Collaborative Culture
The Keys to the Success of an Organization: Organize Your Organization for Success
The Soft Skills Needed to Create Long Lasting Client Relationships
How to Brand "Yourself" for Career and Business Success
The Vital Personal-Organizational Development and Governance Link:; and Culture-Environment Connection
Beyond Networking: Building Successful Business Relationships
Utilizing AI and Machine Learning to Create Human Connections with Clients
What Employers Need to Know About Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Eight Steps to a Highly Motivated Workforce
Marketing Mastery: Achieve Results Without Breaking the Bank
Leadership Dynamics and Essentials for the Ever-Evolving Workplace
Use Compassion to Build a World-Class Culture
Risk Management Series: Understanding and Mitigating the Biggest Risks to Your Organization
Risk Management Series: Planning, Forecasting, and Budgeting for an Uncertain Future
Risk Management Series: The Hidden Risks on the Asset Side of the Balance Sheet
Risk Management Series: Recognizing the Risks on the Liability Side of the Balance Sheet
Risk Management Series: Managing Sales and Income to Reduce Risk
Accountability: Stop the Blame Game

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certification
QuickBooks: Internal Control Tips & Tricks
Excel: Mastering PivotTables
Excel: Breaking Old Habits
Excel Shortcuts for Accountants
Excel Lookups: Moving Beyond VLOOKUP Limitations
Use the Data Model to Build More Powerful PivotTables
Excel Budgeting Ideas
TSheetsPro Fundamentals Certification
TSheetsPro Elite Partner Certification
TsheetsPro Tech Certification
Surgent's Individual and Financial-Planning Tax Camp