Suellen is a highly motivated person driven to achieve program success which translates into positive results for all parties involved. Ms. Wiseman's temperament when she approaches her tasks is thoughtful, deliberate, inclusive and decisive. All her assignments are performed with thoroughness and exceptional quality. She is resourceful, goal oriented, and committed to the greater good of the organization she serves. She displays some of the best professional characteristics that I have observed in my 25 years as a college administrator. Ms. Wiseman is exceptional at creative problem solving, effective in solving programmatic and fiscal problems and has the ability to understand and implement the "big picture" with seeming ease.
Cathy B

Suellen has been asked to wear many hats with our mutual client, and take on many last minute projects, which she manages not only flawlessly, but with a great attitude, even under pressure. Her pleasant demeanor, strong work ethic, & reliability have made her a joy to work with. She's always eager to pitch in and roll up her sleeves to assist in any task with a smile. I have gained the utmost respect for her both on a professional and personal level.
Bobbi D

Our communications on the budget process, forecasting, GL Codes, invoices, Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable have always been honest and concise. She takes an approach of solution as opposed to a who's right/wrong which often happens between an operator and accounting. Additionally, our duo preparation for all P&L reviews has made our monthly corporate meetings full of answers to almost 100% of questions posed by owners / partners (to the delight of all).
Tom F

Sue is very knowledgeable of all the aspects of accounting. She will give valuable suggestions regarding saving money on taxes and other business expenses.
Burl M

Wonderful, Helpful, Informative and Trustworthy.
Justin R

I have utilized Suellen's vast skill sets in a multitude of ways in my Accounting Dept. She's a very knowledgeable and experienced Accounting Professional. She has a strong ability to look at the bigger picture and not just address the immediate issue. Then she takes it further and develops ways to strengthen, streamline and improve processes and procedures. I have come to rely upon and highly value her input and feedback to help my Dept. continually strive for better operating efficiencies and effectiveness.
Sherry B

Sue was great. On time and detailed oriented. Great communication. Will work with her again.
Nima A